Best Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Centre For Women/Female in India

Why TruCare Trust?

First-class personalized care for drug or alcohol abuse and co-occurring psychiatric disorders, absolutely for women. Treating addiction is definitely an important part of Trucare’s recovery program. However at Trucare Trust we also work towards helping the individuals to rediscover themselves and what they had lost through their addiction days. To truly recover, an individual has to return to being a contributing member of a family and the community at large and we stands by them through this process. Trucare Trust offers a combined range of treatments, from medical attention.

  • Welcoming and inspiring atmosphere
  • Understanding holistic practices to ensure a healthy lifestyle
  • Small Specialized Program
  • Comprehensive aftercare planning
  • Mindful eating with nutritional education
  • Clinical oversight during all awake hours
  • Experiential therapy
  • Therapeutic recreation and exercise activities
  • Family counseling, therapy, and education

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TruCare’s Alcohol and Drug Rehab Program for Women

TruCare Trust have 3 alcohol and drug rehab centers located in India, TruCare Trust for Women are dedicated to the unique issues faced by women with alcohol and drug addictions. TruCare Trust for Women offers wide-ranging, accredited and organized programs that allow women, with or without children, to overcome the unique challenges they encounter.

Our facilities provides alcohol and drug rehab for teens as well. Our qualified therapists and counselors work with each individual to understand the unique personal reasons for their drug and alcohol abuse, and provide the tools needed to overcome addictions and other self-defeating behaviors. TruCare Trust’s specialized and evidence-based programs support women develop skills to free themselves from low self-esteem, or helplessness to cope with stress. By changing these negative coping strategies with positive and healthy methods for handling life, our patients are able to spend their life free of any addiction. If you have any queries we encourage you to call today.

 Why Choose TruCare Trust for Women?

TruCare Trust Rehabilitation for Women is a unique treatment center that is specially designed for women addicts. Located in Pune, India TruCare Trust for Women has a cherishing and supportive atmosphere in which women of all ages can receive life-changing care for drug or alcohol addiction and certain co-occurring disorders.

At TruCare Trust, women benefit from a dynamic and extremely personalized treatment experience that integrates a variety of programs. Working carefully with experienced counselors and specialists whose skills are corresponded only by their commitment and enthusiasm. Women who choose to heal at TruCare Trust follows personalized plans that have been specifically developed to address their emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual requirements. TruCare Trust offers an intimate, boutique setting where women suffering from alcohol and drug abuse are treated with compassion and respect. We provide a professional environment where the clients are treated with Care and Concern.


"This location is so peaceful and serene. You have helped and inspired me tremendously to become a better person by seeing what I could potentially have by living life the right way on the right path."

Riya Patel

"I am very Happy and satisfied with my treatment. My confidence level has gone up. I feel rejuvenated. Thanks to all my counselors. You have given me a new life."

Lisa Quilin

"My experience at Trucare was excellent. Trucare Trust has provided me with an excellent start to sobriety and a happy life."

Anna John